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Courthouse Complex now open, each with different restrictions

During the weekly Creek County Commissioners’ meeting on Monday, May 18, 2020, County Commissioner Leon Warner made a motion to open the Courthouse Complex to the public starting at noon. Each elected official may make his or her own requirements for offices including Treasurer, Assessor and County Clerk. In the common area of the Collins Building, notices will be posted that face coverings are recommended and to social distance, keeping 6 feet away from each other. Temperatures will continue to be monitored upon entering the North door for another week, at least. The Creek County Election Board and Fairgrounds will be open as well.

Left to Right: County Clerk Jennifer Mortazavi, Commissioner Lane Whitehouse, Commissioner Leon Warner, Commissioner Newt Stephens.

The Courthouse will have a different set of precautions due to the backlog of work to be done and the number of people who are expected to be arriving. The doors to the Courthouse will remain locked and the public will be met by a bailiff or deputy at checkpoints. Temperatures will be taken at the door and face coverings will be provided if the patron does not have one. Judges Laura Farris, Douglas Golden, and Pamela Hammer were present at the meeting to give details of their proposed plan. Large dockets that will bring in large numbers of people will be handled outside and large groups of people will also be asked to wait outside or in their vehicles. Their phone numbers will be taken by the Bailiff and will be called when they can enter the building. The Judges have been using a system called “Blue Jeans” where they can conduct business online safely. This is at no cost to the public and can be watched or listened to, codes are posted on the Courthouse door.

This motion was approved with Commissioner Lane Whitehouse and Leon Warner voting yes, with a no vote from Chairman Newt Stephens.