County political chairmen stand together against theft and vandalism of campaign signs

A rash of theft and vandalisms regarding local campaign signs for upcoming elections have our county political chairs standing together to corporately admonish the act, according to an official release Sapulpa Times received on Wednesday morning.

Rob Ford, the Creek County Republican Chairman, and Stan Johnson, the Creek County Democratic Chairman, took an opportunity to address what they call “childish pranks and illegal activities” as a united front, believing that disagreements should be settled at the polls. We’ve included the full statement below.

Rob Ford, left and Stan Johnson, right.

It has come to our attention that many people in Creek County are having their political signs or bumper stickers stolen or vandalized.

We, the respective chairs of the Creek County Democratic Party and the Creek County Republican Party would like to issue a joint admonition against this sort of behavior. We have a political process in this country and in this state in which we can freely state our preferences, and settle it at the polls.

We here in Oklahoma have one of the fairest, most transparent, and most fraud-free balloting systems in the country, and therefore in the world. Let’s not sully it with such childish pranks and illegal activities.

Stan Johnson, Chair, Creek County Democratic Party
Rob Ford, Chair, Creek County Republican Party
Micah Choquette

Micah Choquette

Micah is the Owner and Publisher of Sapulpa Times.