County Notebook


Compiled by Alex Walters

Sheriff’s Office Covid Test Kits: The COVID tests from the last PO approved by the Board is on backorder, but centers will run out of tests at this rate. The facilities are using 8 – 16 tests every day, and a positive could potentially mean 7,500 tests needing to be done at one time. This new purchase order of 16 cases (25 tests per case) for $8,000 should get them through Summer. The back-ordered test kits are still being purchased, but if they take too long the PO will be canceled. The state has also offered jails and schools across Oklahoma to receive Covid test kits, with Emergency Services looking into acquiring those.

The Final Plat for Hickory Falls, a subdivision being built at the Southwest corner of Stanfield Road and Hickory Hill Road, was approved by the Sapulpa City Council Tuesday night. The residential zone will have single-family homes, mainly masonry, and is promised to be gorgeous by developers. The city agreed to maintain only the streets and allow private companies to maintain the sewer and water systems, since Sapulpa’s public works department is not comfortable maintaining the area’s ditches, and the companies have done a good job so far.


First Light, a lighting distribution company that boasts work in 200 Oklahoma school districts, presented to the Sapulpa City Council what it would cost to retrofit and replace lighting on city properties to LEDS. Their representative said fluorescent isn’t being produced in the same quantities anymore, and LED will help the city save money through high energy savings and rebates from OG & E. It would cost Sapulpa $59,000 to make the switch to LED lighting in city buildings and parks along with the rebates from OG & E for energy savings.