County Notebook: Molina appointed City Councilor, next week is “Farm Bureau Week”

Sapulpa City Council: Carla Gunn, Vice-Mayor, was appointed as the GO Bond Committee Chair by Mayor Henderson, who will also remain a member.

Jeff Molina was appointed and welcomed as Ward 1 City Councilor Monday evening.

The budget for vaccinations, neuters and spays for shelter animals was increased. There is a little over $15,000 budgeted already, and the city is adding to that to be able to make it to the end of the year as dogs continue to go out.

Board of County Commissioners: 6829 Frankoma Road in Sapulpa was approved to be rezoned from agricultural to residential. The applicant, Colten Rhoades, plans to use it as storage for a gutter installation and cleaning company.

The County signed a proclamation announcing Creek County Farm Bureau Week from the 21st through the 25th of February. The Bureau has approximately 1,184 members.

A new dump truck was purchased for $85,900 to be used by the county. There was only a single bid as the trucks are hard to find due to vehicle chip shortages in America. The board is also seeking a new or used service truck with a crane. They’re aiming for a 2010 or newer model for less than $250,000.

The Creek County Clerk’s Office donated 14 chairs and 5 computer monitors they weren’t using to the Kellyville Fire Department this week.

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