County emergency resolution fails to pass, Commissioners hear about poultry problems

Perhaps the most important item to be addressed at the BOCC meeting on Monday was a motion made by Acting District #3 Commissioner Roger Smith to renew the emergency resolution due to the pandemic, but the motion failed to pass due to a lack of a second, as Warner left the meeting early to meet with the County judges. 

Stephens stated that Creek County is currently in the low-risk category. 

Goforth stated that this is the second week to hold jury terms at the Courthouse. He said that there have been jurors in the courthouse and affirmed that the City mask mandate is still in place. Goforth touched base on how the Courthouse and judges have been handling the jurors. He said the judges have been using the bigger courtrooms to allow social distancing and then moving back down to the smaller courtrooms, while still allowing social distancing for jurors. 

Stephens said that “Governor Stitt has stated that we need to get back to normal and we are beyond that point. The ones that have wanted to receive their vaccines have and I think we need to get back to normal; you can still keep your distance to remain safe.” 

This issue is likely to be back on next week’s BOCC agenda. 

Poultry problems

Prior to leaving the meeting, District #2 County Commissioner Leon Warner reported that his office has received several complaints from neighbors about a property off South 155th West Avenue in Sapulpa and its alleged violation of County poultry regulations.

The regulations limit the number of poultry a residence in a subdivision may have, and this property is exceeding that number. There is also a concern that the residents are raising fighting chickens. 

County Planner Wendy Murray said she has mailed three certified notifications of noncompliance, has called multiple times, and has visited the residence, but to no avail. 

A motion was made by District #1 Commissioner Newt Stephens and seconded by Warner to request that the District Attorney send a letter of noncompliance to the residents. Stephens said that it is rare this process goes this far, but that it usually “gets their attention.” 

Andrew Goforth, Assistant District Attorney, agreed, and stated in the past “we have worked alongside the Sheriff,” and this process seems to produce the desired result. Goforth further stated that with the allegations made, further investigation may be required.  

This was unanimously approved. 

After a few weeks of review, it was unanimously approved to certify the ODOT map of County roads and to send an approved copy to the Clerk and to ODOT. Once verified, ODOT will update the official County map. 

It was unanimously approved to sign an ODOT claim form for a project to purchase a highway easement at Carson Ridge Bridge over Salt Creek near Highway 48 in District #4. The project has been assigned to Meshek and Associates in District #3 for $1,850.00. Warner stated that “this project has been in the works for some time.” 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Diane Whitleys’ application to rezone their property on South 97th West Avenue in Sapulpa from Light Residential and Manufactured home to an Agricultural District to allow agriculture use was approved. The combined tracts will equal 5.27 acres, more or less, and this was recommended for approval by the County Planning Commission on March 23rd. 

Mr. and Mrs. James and Teresa McKowns’ application to rezone their property on Highway 33 in Sapulpa from Light Residential District to Agricultural District to allow handicapped Manufactured Home and Agricultural use was approved. The tract will contain 13.43 acres more or less, and was also approved by CCPC on March 23rd. 

An ONG utility permit was approved to parallel West 281st Place South, approximately 4.1 miles east of Highway 66 in Milfay, District #3. Stephens advised that ONG needs to work with Smith and Project Manager Glen Musser on this request.

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E. B. Thompson

E. B. Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson is the News Editor for Sapulpa Times.