County Commissioners have a quiet Monday meeting


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At its regular Monday meeting, the Board of County Commissioners of Creek County unanimously approved to remove S 353rd W Ave between 201st and 206th from District #3’s county maintenance. Removing the stretch of road from the district’s maintenance schedule does not actually remove the road, but allows the landowners along the road to build gates. The road will still be accessible.

Another road discussed at the meeting was Airport Road, which received grant funding last year of $60,000 for a project that needed just under $120,000. This year, the REAP Grant Contract for Community Development will grant another $64,805 for the project. The grant was unanimously approved to be signed.

The Board agreed to renew a contract with Vertiv to service the Uninterrupted Power Supply batteries for the year of 2022. The current contract expires December 31st. The commissioners questioned whether signing somewhat of an “extended warranty” was better than just purchasing new batteries if needed, and Andrew Goforth, Assistant District Attorney, replied that it was. He explained that the first two UPS towers built failed within 1.5 years and cost about $20,000 to fix. The contract with Vertiv would only cost $7,147 and would give the County active maintenance and quick emergency response times should the batteries ever fail. The contract was unanimously approved to be signed.

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ODOT is digitizing its reports and is offering counties a chance to receive all of its previously submitted County Action Reports. The Board discussed whether or not it wanted to gain all those papers, which Goforth estimated would fill at least one full-size filing cabinet. County Clerk Jeniffer Mortazavi stated they don’t have room for more papers, especially not entire filing cabinets of papers. The records have been scanned and digital PDFs will be available for access, making the need for the original paper copies even slimmer. The Board unanimously agreed to not take the paper copies from ODOT.

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