County commissioners approve update to 911 system

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Monday, August 10th’s regular Creek County Commissioners meeting took place at 9 a.m. in the ballroom of the Collins Building. Commissioners Newt Stephens, Leon Warner, and Lane Whitehouse were present. 

Properties approved for public sale auctions 

Three properties were approved for public sale auctions. The first was located in Westport Lots 19 and 20, Block 13 to Onemore, LLC for $323, the second at 402 North Burnett Street in Sapulpa to Max Ryan for $459, and the third at 521 North Leonard Streetto Melinda Ryan for $685. All three sales were approved unanimously.  

County 911 information system to be updated 

It was unanimously approved to match 20% of the cost of a state contract to improve the county’s 911 GIS (Geographic Information System) data to meet operation requirements for NG911 (the National Emergency Number Association) in order to make an application for a grant for the remaining 80% from the Oklahoma 911 Management Authority. The total current cost will be $54,774. District 2 Commissioner Warner stated that as they have gotten deeper into the County’s 911 study they have found out that it is behind on GIS data being entered. The update of this data is crucial to proceed with the grant. The County will pay for 100% of the cost upfront and then be reimbursed 80%. Warner also suggested that the County hire a 911 Director so that “things like this do not fall through the cracks.” The Management Authority meets Thursday, August 13th and will receive the application at that time. 

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Resolution to combat pandemic extended another week 

Resolution #2020-87 was extended by one more week. Judge Kelly Hake asked the commissioners to keep the resolution in place, and said he has spoken with the Sheriff to discuss the ongoing plan. “It just takes one exposure, and it would shut down the court process,” Hake said. Judge Hammer also asked the commission to keep the resolution in place, and added that the Sheriff “has done a great job with making sure everyone is wearing masks, and if they don’t have one, we are supplying them with one.” She further stated that they are continuing to do court sessions by video to reduce the number of crowds inside the courthouse. There was a discussion about new sprayer machines that have been ordered to clean the entire County Complex; it was said that cleaning the buildings will be much easier when they are implemented. The motion passed in a split vote with Stephens voting no and Whitehouse and Warner voting yes, to keep the resolution in place for another week.