Community Shows Silver Lining Amidst Recent Storms

Hundreds of alumni and community members have weighed in on the tragedy that befell Sapulpa earlier this week when a 2nd grade teacher was arrested for various alleged drug charges as well as embezzlement of school funds.

And that’s to say nothing of the reaction that has been garnered from around the country, as the story has been picked up by multiple markets, including Ohio, Colorado and New York.

Still the question remained about the iPads and the cash that Sloan had admitted to stealing in order to further her habit. Many wondered if it would affect whether or not the field trips would continue.

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Our tightly-knit community is known for rallying together in times of need whether monetarily or in spirit. And that is just what happened when the Times was asked to hand deliver an anonymous donation to replenish the funds that were allegedly taken from Holmes Park field trip fund.

“This is very kind and I can tell you there’s not one kid that won’t go on a field trip because of this,” said Superintendent Rob Armstrong.

In addition to the local anonymous donation, a handful of individuals from within the metro area have phoned to express their desire to contribute.

Armstrong confirmed the district property that Sloan had admitted to pawning for money to buy drugs has also been returned.