City Council tackles Historic Preservation and Codes


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During the quick Sapulpa City Council meeting on Monday, the council approved grants, Historic Preservation and Codes.

A representative from TSW discussed a few changes to the City of Sapulpa Downtown Code and Guidelines currently being developed. The changes pertain to the possible future development of restaurants in residentially-zoned areas and the option of outdoor dining on Poplar Street.

The Code and Guidelines will be a set of standards for the downtown core area and zoning codes, as well as guidelines for new construction to create architectural details compatible with the existing historic structures.

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Urban Development Director Nikki Howard told the council a committee is currently being reestablished for the purpose of Historic Preservation, replacing Chapter 8 of the City of Sapulpa Zoning Code.

Following the meeting, Howard sent the proposed ordinance updates to the Herald. A few of the items the commission will be tasked with include the preparation of general historic preservation plans to be incorporated within the Sapulpa Downtown Master Plan, recommend to the City Council the acquisition of development rights, façade, conservation, or preservation easements and the development of historic preservation plans, as well as increasing public awareness of the value of historical, architectural or archeological resources.

Mayor Henderson signed a resolution allowing the city to receive a $2.2+ million INCOG grant. The funding will be combined with the G.O. Bond funding toward the downtown redesign project, totaling $4.4 million.

The bathroom walls have been built in Alley Project part 2, and the replacement of all water and utility service lines into the buildings is underway, said Mike Russell.

Diversified Civil Contractors LLC was awarded the bid in the amount of $1,750,702.00 for the Brown Street construction project. Since the project went out for bid, engineers discovered the waterline that runs through the middle of the roadway may be too shallow and need to be lowered during construction. This may increase the overall cost of the project.

The council approved the additional costs of $40,514.00 to Cherokee Pride for the 49th W. Ave and Hwy 117 project for changes to the waterline and casement pipe, rebar for driveway repair and the installation of a flashing alert light.

Additional funding in the amount of $152,000.00 was awarded to Cherokee Pride for the Cheyenne Road Improvement Project. The original project was for the patching and fixing to the road, but after further inspection and the consideration of the high traffic use of the road, it was determined the current roadway will crushed and used as a base for five inches of new asphalt.

The council approved a change to the resolution of the City of Sapulpa authorizing rebate of collection city sales tax as an Economic Development Incentive for Food Service Establishments in the downtown core area of Sapulpa, establishing threshold requirements and procedures for contribution and payment of said rebates and made it and emergency. The future incentives would be for three years from the time of agreement.

There are currently two types of Economic Development funding that can be applied for. Mark Lawson, Economic Development Director, said the economic development incentive monies were approved by the voters in January 2020, titled “Proposition #4”, and the second is a Sales Tax Rebate for restaurants located in downtown. Restaurants cannot claim the sales tax rebate and request Proposition #4 monies. The Herald will be providing additional information in the next issue.

The trash collection contract by Waste Management was approved following a discussion of the rate increase based on the previous years cost. The contracted cost was not to exceed 5%, but due to increased costs in 2022 the rate was estimated at 7%.

Under new business, the council voted to provide an emergency proclamation of disaster area as required by FEMA. By doing so, the city can file for reimbursement of the costs from the June storm damage cleanup.

Sapulpa City Council meetings take place on the first and third Monday of each month and are open to the public. Visit for more information.

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