City Council Approves Pot Processing Plant



The City Council met on Monday evening to address the Fuego Premium Extracts marijuana processing factory, following questions to John Sears, from the last City Council meeting.

Mayor Green stated that the council had been in a couple of different meetings with Mr. Sears and they are “confident with the process”. He said that they had “a lengthy presentation” during the “meeting before the meeting,” then he asked if the Fire Marshall or Fire Chief wished to add anything and they declined.

City Manager Joan Riley said that the building and process will continue to be under “scrutiny,” and “inspected on a regular basis.”

Concerning the complaints from last council meeting from Mr. Larry Keeton, a neighbor, Lou Martin, Jr. stated that the exterior modification that had been agreed upon would be enforced and that the “screening” for the back portion of the fence would be more sturdy and opaque. “He knows it needs to be wood, from one end to the other,” referring to the building’s owner.

Ms. Riley said that it was brought to his attention after he was approved and that she was partly responsible.

About storing “product,” on site, Pastor Jimmy Sill asked how many pounds would be manufactured into oil, “hundreds of pounds?” And the City Manager asked Mr. Spears to clarify that there wouldn’t be any “storage.” “The quantity he’s going to be using is small,” she said.

After the public comments, the council voted approval for Sapulpa’s first medical marijuana processing plant, which is located in a building which already houses a medical marijuana clinic at 14920 West Highway 66. This plant is very small, will house no storage of marijuana, because each day the amount to be processed will be done, and the storage will be extracts of medical marijuana, sort of like extracts of vanilla or cinnamon. The other product will be “straw,” marijuana plant material that is devoid of any THC and is the dry plant, which will be disposed of properly. Further, it is a wholesale business only, so no retail customers will be allowed.

In other business, the council approved a Consent Item approving Claims in the amount of $1,645,430.88 for the month of March.

Updates on Stinnett resignation

The meeting adjourned at 7:30, and following the meeting, the Sapulpa Times asked the Mayor about Carla Stinnett’s resignation and who was going to replace her. The Sapulpa Times asked if Hugo Naifeh would be resigning, too, since he has moved out of his ward, and what the process is to appoint another councilmember.

Mayor Reg Green answered that “nothing has been worked out” in reference to Ms. Stinnett. He said, “Nothing is settled,” with Hugo Naifeh (recently re-elected, position expires in 2022) and Carla Stinnett (position expires in 2020). The appointment procedure is that the other sitting Ward representative, in these cases Wes Calloway and Bruce Bledsoe would make recommendations to the council, and the council can also ask anyone else to assume the seat, and then the council will vote to appoint someone for the unexpired seats. Mayor Green emphasized that the recommendation of the other Ward representative is “not 100 percent” guarantee of an appointment.

The Sapulpa City Council began at 7 p.m. with four members missing. Carla Stinnett, who resigned from her post on Monday, was joined in her absence by Bruce Bledsoe, Hugo Naifeh, and Wes Calloway.

The rest of the council was in attendance: Lou Martin, Jr., Mayor Reg Green, John Anderson, Carla Gunn, Marty Cummins, and Craig Henderson.

The next meeting of the council will take place on May 6th, 2019, at 7 p.m. sharp.

Lottie Wilds

Lottie Wilds

Lottie Wilds is a native Oklahoman and a multi-talented woman—she is a mother, grandmother, Navy veteran, and lifelong creator. Lottie loves to quilt, decorate, garden, swim, paint, and write stories. She is grateful for every day she gets a chance to get it right.

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