City accountant Lisa Romine retires after 37 years of dedicated service, City Council approves electronic timesheets, MLK parade, police equipment

City Accountant Lisa Romine was recognized for her 37 years of “outstanding service and commitment” by City Manager Joan Riley, Finance Director Pam Vann, and Mayor Craig Henderson. Romine started her career with the City at the Police Department in August of 1983 and was promoted to an accountant in 2008. She’s able to boast that she is the only employee on record to have worked for both the police department and the accounting department.

Romine was surrounded by her husband Mike, her daughters, sons, grandchildren, and work colleagues. She thanked Riley, Vann, and Henderson as she accepted her plaque and gift.

City Manager Joan Riley, left, stands with Lisa Romine, center, and Mayor Craig Henderson, right, as she receives a formal recognition for her years of service at the February 1st City Council meeting.

Vann presented a purchase for electronic timesheets and time-keeping software from Tyler Technologies for $34,608 that was originally approved to come out of CARES Act funding. She said that the actual module is around $15K, but that implementation and training costs weren’t included in the original quote so the total project cost will exceed the amount for which it was originally approved. She added that this system “will be great for department heads and will save the City money” on inaccurate employee time cards.

VanOrr Burkhead III spoke during public comments. He said, “I’m excited to announce that three founders are taking steps to conduct a Martin Luther King, Jr. parade in Sapulpa,” beginning next year. He said they are currently working on obtaining permits, researching road closures, and choosing the time and date. “I’m looking forward to working with the City and building a committee to further the efforts of the parade.” He added that “safety is of utmost concern. Any outside interference or attempts at division will be dealt with.”

Mayor Henderson said, “this is a great idea, we appreciate your involvement.” Burkhead said that Tulsa has their MLK parade on the actual holiday, so Sapulpa’s will most likely be on the preceding Saturday so as not to conflict. “I really want to see it happen in Sapulpa,” he said.

He said the founders are he, his wife Carrie, and Jennifer Stevenson. “We want to create unity and to be good brothers and sisters to each other. The last couple years there has been a climate of division. We are requesting we walk hand in hand and see each other as human beings.” Vice-mayor Carla Gunn remarked, “That’s exciting! It’s been a long time.”

Police Chief Mike Reed made a request for 15 new HVAC units for the police department, totaling around $250K.

He also requested $5K for additional tasers. He reminded the Council that he went before them in mid-November and the tasers were approved. However, when instructors began training officers on the ones they bought, they discovered that they were made for close quarters only. He said that when the sales pitch was done in 2019 the company said that the majority of taser deployments were performed in close quarters. But when they looked at their statistics, they found they are typically using them with 12-18 feet of distance. The instructor felt it would be more prudent to return the ones they have and to get the correct ones.

Both of these requests were unanimously approved by the Council.
E. B. Thompson

E. B. Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson is the News Editor for Sapulpa Times.