Chieftains traveling to take on Bartlesville Bruins this Friday

This week, Sapulpa travels to Bartlesville to battle the Bruins in an effort to extend its winning streak by one before its bye week. Sapulpa is hot off its decisive victory against the Edison Eagles. 

The Chieftains looked solid against the 5A District 3 Eagles and look to further their dominance after the 61-13 rout. The Sapulpa Chieftains are being led by senior quarterback Zac Mason and senior running back Tyreese Jones. The one-two punch duo had the Eagles scrambling to bring either of them down. Mason is leading Sapulpa’s spread offense with patience and skill. 

Jones was a machine as he consistently ran around, and sometimes through, Edison’s defense. Jones’s running allowed for slow marches down the field and explosive breakaway plays. Jones also took the pressure off the wide receivers and the quarterback, allowing them to surprise the Eagles’ defense when it began to focus on stopping the steam engine of a running back with long, precise passes. 

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The Chieftains defense also looked well holding the Eagles to just one first down in the first half. The defense allowed the offense to come out and do the work and run off the clock. 

Bartlesville (Class 5A 1-0) won its season opener last Friday in a 15-14 squeaker against fellow Class 5A District 4 Claremore Zebras. Bartlesville looks to extend its winning streak as well. 

Sapulpa has been playing the Bruins since 1920. According to reports, in 6 of the last 7 games, the winner has scored at least 48 points. The outlier was a small-scoring game in 2017 when Bartlesville beat the Chieftains in a 9-2 oddball. Sapulpa won last year’s contest 48-21. Sapulpa also beat the Bruins in 2019 and 2018 in close games (55-40 and 63-58, respectively). 

Sapulpa will have a bye week before hosting its first district game against Memorial for its Homecoming game on Friday, September 24th.