Chieftains Earn Spots in Honor Band

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Every fall, generally the day after the last football game, band students from across Northeast Oklahoma gather in Owasso to compete for positions in the North Central Directors Association Honor Band and qualifying for second round auditions for the All State Honor Band. Hundreds of students, still exhausted from memorizing drill and music for the football field have practiced on concert audition music every chance they get to prepare for this day. The competition is tough. Some sections have almost 100 students audition for 10 or fewer positions in the band.

Sapulpa brought it’s best and most dedicated to the game and came out with a great showing for both the NCDA Honor Band, and those qualifying to move on to the second round of All State auditions.

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Those earning a chair in the NCDA Honor Band are:

  • 7th Grade NCDA
  • Sierra Craig – 5th Chair Clarinet
  • Emily Beymer – 6th Chair Clarinet
  • Caleb Wolf – 5th Chair Trumpet
  • Stephen Wideman – 6th Chair Trumpet
  • Braden Armstrong – 3rd Chair French Horn
  • Junior High NCDA
  • Sarina Diaz – 12th Chair Flute
  • Abby Tanner – 1st Chair Clarinet
  • Jaidyn Stabler – 18th Chair Clarinet
  • Ariana Alarcon – 2nd Alternate Bass Clarinet
  • Dylan Wilson – 11th Chair Trumpet
  • Kylie Murphy – 5th Chair French Horn
  • Douglas Harnish – 1st Chair Trombone
  • Will Blevins – 3rd Chair Tuba
  • Cody Edwards – 2nd Alternate
  • High School NCDA
  • Sarah Bartlett – 5th Chair Flute
  • Shelby Howerton – 3rd Alternate Bassoon
  • Nicole Legendre – 7th Chair Clarinet
  • Kayci Owen – 16th Chair Clarinet
  • Christina Shomaker – 23rd Chair Clarinet
  • Erynn McCabe – 4th Alternate Clarinet
  • Kyle Fisher – 1st Chair Bari Sax
  • Kean Murphy – 4th Chair Trumpet
  • Korey Luster – 3rd Chair French Horn
  • Leon Graham – 6th Chair Trombone
  • Blake Hilligoss – 2nd Chair Percussion

Earning or not earning a chair in the NCDA Honor Band does not necessarily automatically qualify a student to move on to Second Round All State Band auditions. Several variables are involved in the selection process for the highest honor band in the state. Sapulpa had an incredible showing with more than 10% of the high school band qualifying to move onto the toughest audition they will face in high school. The best of the best from across the state will convene in Moore December 4 & 5 to compete for the coveted seats in the All State Band. These students spent Thanksgiving break practicing music that is university level difficulty. They will also miss MORP to take this opportunity to be honored as the finest amongst their peers. The following Sapulpa High School band members will be competing for All State this coming weekend in Moore.

High School Second Round All-State

  • Sarah Bartlett
  • Nicole Legendre
  • Kayci Owen
  • Christina Shomaker
  • Erynn McCabe
  • Shelby Howerton
  • Linsey McCollum
  • Anna Davis
  • Kyle Fisher – Tenor and Bari Sax
  • Kean Murphy
  • Korey Luster
  • Michael LeMense
  • Leon Graham
  • Blake Hilligoss
  • Andrew Johnston