Central Tech graduate starts his own business 

By Riley Rinehart

Tookie went to Central Tech for two years– from 2018 to 2021. COVID delayed his educational experience but he nevertheless graduated with his HVAC degree and is now starting his own business.

Tookie started working in HVAC industry with his dad on weekends when he was only 16 years old. He graduated high school the following year and went to work with his dad at a property management company over the summer doing repair and maintenance for their heating and air systems. 

From there, he took a turn and went to boot camp for the National Guard to help pay for college. He then came back to do a semester at college. 

That next summer, Tookie and his dad started their business called “My AC Guy.” It lasted for about 3 years while he was enrolled in Central Tech. Tookie is grateful for the experience he had with his dad regarding their business and says “I think he’s largely credited for a lot of that first one.”

Tookie and his father parted ways after he graduated from Central Tech. Tookie says the two of them were not seeing eye to eye, and the business had also experienced some setbacks due to COVID. Afterward, Tookie went to work at Air Solutions, which is where he worked for 2-3 years before moving to another HVAC company in the Tulsa area called True Blue. He will have been there for a year in February.

While working for True Blue, Tookie took the next step and started his own HVAC company called “The Cool Guys,” covering residential and commercial HVAC. He says he covers everything from residential AC units to larger units and walk-in coolers for restaurants.

Tookie stands next to his business van for “The Cool Guys,” a business he started after taking classes at Central Tech. (Provided)

He describes his story as “a journey to this point” but he has navigated through the ups and downs of starting a business. Tookie’s business is “like a restart for what me and my dad had.”

Tookie strongly recommends Central Tech and is “still actually utilizing Central Tech to make my business and marketing plan as well.” Central Tech has provided him with numerous resources and support during the start-up of his business and even currently. They have resources for “any small business that’s trying to start up.”

Tookie’s teacher was Curtis Nevins and according to Tookie, “one of the best teachers out there.” He also credits Nevins with being “one of the smartest people” he knows. Mr. Nevins is now retired but still played a large role in Tookie’s success. 

He says “Sapulpa is very fortunate to have that school here” and claims that Central Tech is “by far one of the best.” 

The Cool Guys currently serves the Tulsa Metro area. For more information, visit The Cool Guys Heating and Cooling on Facebook. For more information on Central Tech HVAC classes, visit centraltech.edu.

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