Resurrected Relic Heals Daughter’s Heart

By E. B. Thompson / April 20, 2019

Last Superbowl Sunday, hobbyist metal detective Howie Rosser found a treasure that led him to Louisiana.

Preserving Sapulpa’s Legacy

By Charles Betzler / February 17, 2019

How the team at the Sapulpa Historical Society is ensuring that Sapulpa’s rich historical legacy lives on.

The Iconic Iwo-Jima Photo

By Lottie Wilds / November 10, 2018

A man known for whoppers has a true story he’s sure nobody will believe.

Get one more look at your 2016 State Questions

By Micah Choquette / November 6, 2016

Oklahoma is a state as red as the dirt you find here, so there’s very little question about who’s going to win the Presidential election in our state. For many more of us however, the more important issues on the ballots are the state questions that are coming up for voting on Tuesday. We’ve compiled…

What to do with all your leftover Halloween candy and old costumes

By Micah Choquette / November 2, 2016

Read a couple of great ideas for all that leftover candy, and how you can help folks in need by donating your old costumes.

Sapulpa’s “Clown Scare” leads to increased security at schools

By Micah Choquette / October 6, 2016

Schools are increasing security thanks to a nearby clown attack and threats made at Sapulpa High School.

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