What to do when you’ve been robbed, and how to recover what’s been stolen

September 4, 2019

These four tips can help you fight back when you’re the victim of a burglary or robbery.

So…we were burgled last week…

September 4, 2019

“Do you feel safe in your own home? I do. That is, I did until Sunday evening.” Lottie Wilds talks about experiencing a burglary last month.

Suspect arrested after stealing a Sapulpa Police patrol car

September 2, 2019

A man arrested for stealing a truck in Tulsa subsequently stole the officer’s patrol car, leading police on a second chase.

A misunderstanding at Sapulpa Walgreens leads to evacuation

August 24, 2019

A misunderstanding involving a canister and the smell of gasoline led to Walgreens being evacuated.

Rumors of a student with a gun at Sapulpa Junior High result in confiscated airsoft pistol

August 21, 2019

School administrators say they were able to get the situation resolved quickly.

Another powerline pulled down

August 20, 2019

The incident makes the third time in two weeks that a powerline has been pulled down in the Sapulpa area.

Sapulpa man assaulted by sister in his own home

August 13, 2019

A woman with no prior criminal history is now facing domestic abuse charges for attacking her brother over a week ago.

Cousins accused of shooting at a car with children inside in Turley have been arrested in Sapulpa

August 13, 2019

Two men charged with shooting with intent to kill in Turley have been found and arrested in Sapulpa.

Man’s alleged assault sends his cousin to the hospital with fractured bones and severe bruising

August 13, 2019

A doctor at St. John’s Hospital said the injuries on the victims face were the result of a fractured cheekbone and fractured nose.

Sapulpa man arrested for a lewd encounter with a 14-year-old boy at a local playground

July 18, 2019

Police found this man after 1am at Kelly Lane Park with a 14-year-old boy he’d met on the dating app Grindr.

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