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Nerd Knowledge

Nerd Knowledge: Your new Smart TV may be spying on you

By Charles Betzler / January 27, 2019

Through the years, I have had customers who were convinced their TV was spying on them. I remember one incident nearly 50 years ago when I worked for Sears. An elderly lady called in and said her set, which we had recently repaired, was spying on her. She told my boss that the “people were…

Nerd Knowledge: Everything you ever needed to know about Bluetooth technology

By Charles Betzler / January 24, 2019

Learn what Bluetooth is, how it works, and even how they created the ubiquitous Bluetooth logo.

Nerd Knowledge: Cell Phone Security and Safety

By Charles Betzler / January 17, 2019

Our phones are always with us, but are we using them in the safest manner?

Nerd Knowledge: Surge Protection 101

By Charles Betzler / November 26, 2018

Learn more about what a power surge actually is, and how to protect your devices

Nerd Knowledge: All about batteries!

By Charles Betzler / October 31, 2018

It would be hard to imagine life without a portable power source. And yet for being such a common part of everyday life, so few of us know much about batteries.

Nerd Knowledge: What is streaming? How does it work?

By Charles Betzler / October 22, 2018

Netflix, SlingTV, Roku, KODI boxes…there’s so many options! Our resident nerd breaks them down for you.

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