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Creek County Master Gardener: What’s making me sneeze?

Many people assume that they are seeing ragweed since fall allergy levels and allergy symptoms are on the rise. Chances are good that if the bright, golden blooms have caught your attention, you are seeing goldenrod, not ragweed.

Creek County Master Gardener: July Gardening 

July in Oklahoma tends to be a mixed bag; flower beds and lawns are flourishing, but the heat and mugginess are causing stress on our plants. To continue to reap rewards from our gardens, we have to pivot to maintenance.

Creek County Master Gardener: Controlling Grasshoppers

Oklahoma is home to over 130 species of grasshoppers. This insect plays a crucial role in our ecosystem, but an overabundance can be detrimental to our gardens and plants! Here’s how to handle them for the sake of your vegetation.

June Garden Chores

Sunny days along with frequent rain showers help develop beautiful area gardens. So what do our June gardens need? Care and preparation for our hot summer days!

Bagworm Control

Some of our best drought-resistant plants in Oklahoma are attractive to bagworms. What are the best methods for fighting these pests?

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