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PHOTOS: Do You Remember…The Bell Building?

By Charles Betzler / October 16, 2019

Read this fantastic story about the downtown Sapulpa building who’s owner had such a terrible reputation that they renamed it after he sold it.

Do you remember…these childhood toys?

By Charles Betzler / August 4, 2019

What was life like for kids before internet? Well they had all kinds of toys to choose from, most of which did not require batteries.

Do You Remember…Bayouth’s Department Store?

By Charles Betzler / July 28, 2019

Read about the family that created a legacy and “store the city could be proud of.”

Do You Remember…Retro TV Commercials?

By Charles Betzler / July 13, 2019

These 14 retro TV commercials will have you longing for the old days…or wondering, “what were they thinking?”

Do You Remember…The 1960 Tornado?

By Charles Betzler / May 27, 2019

In an awful coincidence, the day after we published this story in our Print Edition, two separate EF1 tornadoes descended onto Sapulpa.

Do You Remember…Elementary School?

By Charles Betzler / April 25, 2019

Growing up during the Cold War era gave way to some interesting experiences during elementary school.

Do you remember…Research before Google?

By Charles Betzler / April 4, 2019

I spent many long hours doing homework and term papers at a place you might remember…the library.

Do You Remember…The Gas Wars?

By Charles Betzler / March 21, 2019

The gas stations of yesteryear are a far cry from the convenience stores of today. Do you remember the gas wars?

Do you remember…John Cockrum?

By Charles Betzler / March 12, 2019

The Sapulpa Administrator was instrumental in integrating Sapulpa Schools in the 1960s.

Do you remember…Betzler’s New and Used?

By Charles Betzler / March 5, 2019

I am highlighting my father’s business since he recently had the 43rd anniversary of his death. I am writing this column as homage to my father and his business. Dad opened the store in 1951 under the name of “American Salvage Store,” at 4 N. Main, the vacant lot next to the Young Law Office.…

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