PHOTOS: Do You Remember…The Bell Building?

By Charles Betzler / October 16, 2019

Read this fantastic story about the downtown Sapulpa building who’s owner had such a terrible reputation that they renamed it after he sold it.

What do you believe in? Who have you told?

By Brooke DeLong / October 8, 2019

Brooke talks about the importance of speaking out about your rights, freedoms and beliefs, and of registering to vote.

So…we were burgled last week…

By Lottie Wilds / September 4, 2019

“Do you feel safe in your own home? I do. That is, I did until Sunday evening.” Lottie Wilds talks about experiencing a burglary last month.

Nature Knows Best: Give Me A Break!

By Brooke DeLong / September 3, 2019

In our culture, busyness seems to be glorified. Our plates are overflowing; so, what can we do about it?

Nature Knows Best: Alzheimer Prevention

By Brooke DeLong / September 1, 2019

I never knew my grandpa healthy. While I spent a lot of time with him, he was a huge mystery to my little mind and heart. Sadly, there are probably millions of stories like mine.

Nature Knows Best: Balancing pH Levels

By Brooke DeLong / August 30, 2019

While there’s much more to humans than water, it did get me thinking. If I learned anything from having a husband and father who are both horticulturists it’s this; pH levels matter.

Nature Knows Best: Thinking Outside The Lunch Box

By Brooke DeLong / August 16, 2019

Before long, packing a lunch for school will get boring and monotonous. Here are some ideas to keep them great and healthy! Includes a free recipe for Texas Caviar!

Do you remember…these childhood toys?

By Charles Betzler / August 4, 2019

What was life like for kids before internet? Well they had all kinds of toys to choose from, most of which did not require batteries.

Do You Remember…Bayouth’s Department Store?

By Charles Betzler / July 28, 2019

Read about the family that created a legacy and “store the city could be proud of.”

Nature Knows Best: The Dog Nose Best

By Brooke DeLong / July 17, 2019

Along with insulin pumps and monitors, there’s another way to get help for diabetics—a dog!

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