Carla Stinnett Resigns from Sapulpa City Council



Sapulpa City Councilor Carla Stinnett has resigned her position on the council, according to an official letter released today.

She’s citing shifting priorities in her family life as the reason for her resignation.

Even though she’s only lived in Creek County since 2003, she says “this place has been nothing but good to me,” and that even though she’s a transplant, “this place has become my home.”

When she began serving on the City Council in the Summer of 2016, Stinnett says that she felt “beyond humbled” to be where she was. “I was trusted with the important decisions that would hope to grow and prosper our city,” she says.

Stinnett says that as her four children—all of whom have been born since she came to Creek County—have grown and began participating in extracurricular activities, she’s been consistently faced with the decision of whether to attend their events, or whether to attend council meetings. “At this time…I must choose them,” she says.

In addition to shifting family priorities, Stinnett says that she feels reassured about her decision, because fellow council member Hugo Naifeh has moved from his previous home in Ward 2 to a new one in Stinnett’s Ward 5. Stinnett says that although she knows that there’s a process for an appointment to fill her vacant seat, it’s her hope that “Hugo will be appointed to my empty slot.”

She finished her statement by reiterating her love for Sapulpa, and willingness to volunteer in the future. “I love Sapulpa and will be delighted to continue to work to make it the best it can be in all respects.”

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