Bunce and Bean closes up shop

Bunce and Bean, the magical store selling literary artwork made into Disney-esque lapel pins, has closed their doors after only about a month of business.

Brenna Pelletier, the proprietor of the business, said that the decision came after she sunk most of her money into renovating the store to fit the Hogwarts-style motif of its products. “I hit the bottom of my savings financially and health-wise,” she said.

The store, located at 110 E. Dewey Ave, was a unique retailer, offering custom designs made into lapel pins, sold with “corkies” that allowed you to stick the pins on the refrigerator. Additionally, the store sold custom-illustrated tote bags, greeting cards, and t-shirts. Though Pelletier had the space for nearly a year, most of that time was taken up with renovations.

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She finally opened the store the week of Halloween, and was open regularly through November, before she announced that she would close in mid-December to visit family for the holidays. She never reopened.