Bristow Veterinary Clinic: A Life in Practice

A veterinarian is more than just a singular title.

Veterinarians are dentists, urologist, dietitians, surgeons, psychiatrists, and so much more for the ones that can’t even tell us what is wrong. Those that do this line of work are great blessings in small communities.

After learning the story, and visiting the Bristow Veterinarian Clinic I have adopted a newfound respect for what goes on behind the scenes at a local vet clinic.

William H. Mitchell or “Doctor Bill” as his clients know him as had no problem recalling his reason to pursue this career choice.

“What was your motivation for becoming a veterinarian?”

“Why I became a veterinarian is easy, my dad was a vet at the Pharr Road Animal Hospital and he made it look easy. I’ve learned differently, and have learned to appreciate the obstacles that he overcame to lay the foundation of our family practice that I took over in 2009 after working as an associate veterinarian since 1989.”

Mitchell’s roots have always been the small town of Bristow. It is now his base for where he gives back to those pursuing the same dream he has had since a young man. He stated with pride that he has made it to the point where he can do so.

Bristow Veterinary Clinic hosts externship and mentoring opportunities for veterinarian students around the country. Bill Mitchell currently serves on the admission committee for OSU Veterinary School. He has also served on some national panels concerning rural enhancement awards for young practitioners in rural veterinary practices.

“Where did you receive your education?”

“I graduated from Bristow High School in 1979 from there I attended OSU for two years before transferring to Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama. Upon completion of my veterinary degree in 1987, I returned to OSU and interned in large animal medicines and surgery. I’ve enhanced my skills also by becoming certified in veterinary acupuncture in 1994”

The Bristow Veterinarian Clinic has six full-time employees along with three to five part-time employees at any given time that aid in helping Bill in services for the local stockyard, Mid America Stockyards, right next door. For the relatively small clinic, this employee base is a must, there is so much going on behind the scenes. In a community where animals are the glue of the economy, this clinic sees everything from dogs to horses, to bunnies and cattle… and everything in between.

Bill Mitchell has conquered many milestones in his life but is not one to claim it was primarily on his own. From his roots with a path laid out by his father H.L. Mitchell, and his wife, who is also a veterinarian, that he says composes his skills full circle.

Bill Mitchell’s response about his wife was emphatic and genuine.

“I also have the honor of practicing with my wife, and best friend Kim Edwards Mitchell. We have fun feeding off each others energy because we are opposites. She is more detailed oriented, I’m more of finding the quickest resolution, and moving to the next challenge. Our relationship works because she tries to slow me down and I try to speed her up so hopefully, we meet on middle ground.”

Bill Mitchell is the father of two promising scions who seem to have found great beginnings in their own respective fields.

“We have two kids Lincoln, 23 years old, who graduated from Yale and is currently a law student at Stanford. And Logan, 21, who is in her junior year at Howard university in Washington D.C.”

I could go on about William and his family, but it comes best from “Doctor Bill” himself, and he would probably tell you about it if you asked. He is just that kind of man. Knowing his clients on a near one on one level, Bristow Veterinary Clinic is as filled with devotion and care as you would hope to expect from a veterinarian office.

Small towns are held together by those that truly care for one another. Your local shops are run by those that rightly believe in the success and well-being of their communities.

Fulfill homegrown dreams, give your community life. Shop local.

“The duty of helping one’s self in the highest sense involves the helping of one’s neighbors.”

-Samuel Smiles

Bristow Veterinary Clinic, L.L.C.
37118 W. Hwy 16
PO BOX 658
Bristow, OK 74010
Office: (918) 367-2257
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