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Bristow police officer arrested on charges of child sexual abuse

The Bristow police officer allegedly sexually abused two young girls, both of them under twelve years old.

A Bristow Police officer is in jail after being arrested on charges of lewd molestation and child sexual abuse, Creek County Sheriffs told Sapulpa Times.

According to the incident report, 45-year-old Bradley Don Goodin, who goes by Brad, is on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into allegations that he sexually abused two young girls, both of them under twelve years old.

The report lists the details of the allegations, where it appears that Goodin used his relationship with the girls in order to take advantage of them and touch them inappropriately.

One of the victims says that Goodin has touched her more than five times. The other victim was allegedly in the middle of an assault when Goodin was caught by the girl’s mother, who walked in on him with his hand down her shorts. According to the affidavit, Goodin and the woman argued about what she saw, and Goodin threatened her with bodily injury if she told anyone.

Eventually, the woman alerted police, and they spoke with Goodin and interviewed the victims and their mother. He was arrested on November 13th on two counts of child sexual abuse, and three counts of lewd molestation.

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