Biting Dog and Adoption Event updates

We’ve got updates to two very different animal-related stories.

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Biting dog sent out of city limits

From Mary Ruhl, Director of the Sapulpa Animal Shelter:

On the Biting Dog case, the judge decided that the animal had to be removed outside of the City Limits. The Dog has been removed outside the Sapulpa City Limits (about 80 miles away). It is expected to stay there. If it ever comes back to Sapulpa, he will be picked up and automatically euthanized.

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Adoption Event Updates

She said that one of the dogs at the Sapulpa Furry Friends Adoption Event, Cowboy, was traveling to Illinois today (last Thursday) to a less crowded rescue operation. “They do not have the. ‘overpopulation’ problem we have.”

St. Nick (a favorite at these events) is still in the same foster care and continues to learn.

She also remarked that the TV News (she didn’t know which one) came out to see the shelter folks and see the dogs on Tuesday,  the 12th of February. Since then, she’s  had 8 adopted, some to rescues. And there is a “hoarding case that were working with.”

There was an adoption event on February 16, 2019. Three cats were adopted, one was sent to foster care. A 7-month-old, pitbull-mix puppy who was owner-surrendered (one of five) was adopted. One dog was fostered. Two “Dangerous Dogs” belonging to one person, which were running around loose, are  impounded, waiting for their court dates.

The next adoption event has not been scheduled because the Director of the Animal Shelter, Mary Ruhl, said they are hoping the new shelter will be opened in March, and an event will be scheduled after moving in.

The Sapulpa Furry Friends (a volunteer charitable organization that helps place animals from the Animal Shelter), does not have an upcoming rabies-shot, micro-chipping, adoption event listed on the website.

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