Biden pulls ahead of Trump in Georgia overnight, about 10,000 votes still to go

Former Vice President Joe Biden has pulled ahead of President Trump by a small margin in Georgia overnight, as voting continues in the Peach State. Biden is now leading Trump by about 1,000 votes, and nearly 10,000 absentee ballots remain to be counted, as well as a few thousand overseas and provisional ballots.

Should Biden win Georgia, it will definitively put the presidential hopeful at 269 electoral votes, with a win needed at 270—a win in any other battleground state would put Biden over the top.

This is the first time that Georgia has flipped blue in nearly thirty years, the last time being with Bill Clinton in 1992.

Here are the latest numbers on key races still to be called, who is currently leading, and how many precincts reporting, according to the Associated Press:

  • Alaska – 62.1% Trump, 50% reporting
  • Arizona – 50.1% Biden, 90% reporting
  • Georgia – 49.4% Trump/Biden, 99% reporting
  • Nevada – 49.4% Biden, 84% reporting
  • North Carolina – 50.1% Trump, 94% reporting
  • Pennsylvania – 49.6% Trump, 97% reporting

Several news networks cut President Trump’s broadcast on Thursday night, as he began to claim fraud in states where Biden is eating into his lead. ABC, NBC, MSCBC, CBS and USA Today were among the broadcasters who cut away from the event before it finished, according to

Stephen Colbert, a long-time critic of the president on his late night talk show, choked up after Trump’s speech, calling Trump’s allegations of voter fraud “a dark shadow on our most sacred right…” Colbert also called on Republicans to denounce the president’s claims.

Under Georgia law, if the margin between Biden and Trump is under half a percentage point of difference, a recount can be requested.
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