Assault on woman in broad daylight leads to arrest



An 18-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday afternoon on felony assault and sexual battery charges in downtown Sapulpa, according to Sapulpa Police reports.

Officer Jacob Byram was called to 100 N. Main on Tuesday about a possible assault. He arrived to see multiple people standing outside of the business there, pointing at a man in a grey sweatshirt running north on Main Street, later identified as Quinten Pierson.

Pierson booking photo.

According to the arrest affidavit, about 4:00 pm, Pierson had entered the business at 100 N. Main and asked the receptionist to use the restroom. According to officer Byram, he also told the woman he “was on dope,” and that he “needed help.” The woman behind the desk informed him they couldn’t offer any services to him, as he was not Native American. She did offer to call some other places. She says that Pierson attempted to come behind the desk and she told him he wasn’t allowed in the area. According to the receptionist, Pierson left, spitting on the floor as he went.

After exiting the building, Pierson allegedly assaulted a woman on the sidewalk as she was walking to her car. According to the victim, he grabbed her from behind and drove her to the ground, punching her, groping her, and trying to pull her pants down. The victim said he succeeded twice in getting her pants down to her knees.

Several witnesses were alerted to the situation by the woman’s screams outside their office. Two different witnesses described looking out their window and seeing the victim on the ground, trying to fight off her assailant. By the time they got out the door to assist the victim, Pierson had already begun running away.

Pierson was apprehended and arrested on charges of sexual battery and felony assault. When Byram spoke with him, Pierson said he was running away because “they were saying I assaulted someone.”

Pierson has no prior felony convictions but was on probation for misdemeanor malicious injury to property in Creek County. Additionally, Sapulpa has taken multiple reports of sexual misconduct involving the Pierson.

This story has been edited for clarity regarding the reason why Pierson couldn’t receive help at the facility at 100 N. Main.

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