Armed robbery of Sapulpa Dollar General ends with suspect arrest

The Dollar General Store at the corner of Bryan and Main Streets in Sapulpa.

An armed robbery at the General Store at the corner of Bryan and Main was thwarted when the Creek County Sheriff showed up just in time, according to a statement from Sapulpa Police Major Mike Reed.

Trentin Richardson booking photo

About 8:56 PM, a call came in through dispatch that a person was robbing the Dollar General store, that a male pointed a gun at several customers and the clerk, and then fired one round into the ceiling.

According to Reed, the call was made by a customer in the store at the time of the robbery, who ran to the back when the incident started.

The suspect, 20-year-old Trentin Anton Richardson, of Beggs, robbed the store of all the cash in its registers, and also robbed the customers in the store.

Richardson exited the store carrying a Dollar General sack full of cash and was met by Creek County Sheriff Deputy Scott Ray, who had just arrived on the scene. Ray ordered Richardson to the ground, and Richardson complied. Two Sapulpa Police Officers arrived seconds later and Richardson was taken into custody. Police found the gun allegedly used in the robbery in Richardson’s front pocket.

Reed says that Richardson will likely face more charges.

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