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Animal shelter still not open, city blames messed up cage order for delay

Open date now looks to be set for late June, early July.

The last time we reported the new Animal Shelter, we were told that the shelter wouldn’t be opening in April, hopefully May. Here we are in June and the shelter is still not open, and won’t be opening for at least a few more weeks, according to City Manager Joan Riley.

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At the City Council meeting on Monday night, Riley told Sapulpa Times that the “drop-dead” delivery date for the cages they were waiting on was June 24th. “They were supposed to be delivered in December, but the order got messed up, somehow,” Riley said.

The shelter has been a long time coming. The original bond was approved in 2014 and has had problems with completion ever since. The new space, however, is a huge space and we’re certain when it finally arrives it’ll be put to good use.

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As of now, the new open date for the shelter is expected to be late June or early July.

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