A new tricycle for Eual: the story of a community that cares

If you’re a frequent patron of Sapulpa’s QuikTrip at the corner of Mission and Taft, you’ve likely seen Eual McCall, sitting astride his blue 3-wheeled bicycle that he uses to get around town. Always nice and usually smiling, he’s been a fixture in the community for years.

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On August 23rd, three years to the day that he’d purchased that blue 3-wheeler, it was stolen right from his front yard.

At 72-years old, it was the only mode of transportation that Eual could operate by himself. So, it’s not hard to imagine how important this trike was to him.

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Thankfully, the right people found out about it, and they told other people.

Eugene Weglarz, who works at the Sapulpa Rent-A-Center, started the story circulating, and brought up how he’d really like to get Eual a new tricycle. That same day, the story made its way to Brandi Coffey.

Coffey, Sapulpa resident and well-known for her ability to pull the community together to help others, got wind of Eual’s story from Weglarz and decided to help in getting Eual a new tricycle. She shared the story on Facebook and quickly, the donations began pouring in. In just a few days the money needed was raised and it looked like this would be an easy win.

Then, just as suddenly, they ran into a setback; while the new trike was originally set at $300, it turned out that the kind that Eual would need—a three-speed for getting up the hills on Taft—was about double that amount.

Coffey had previously said that they’d had all the money they needed, but when she reached back out and said that it wasn’t the case, the donors continued to give, until enough money had been raised to cover the tricycle, add a water bottle, and give him an additional $100 for his upcoming birthday.

Surrounded by a Weglarz, Coffey, and several others, Eual was all smiles as he mounted his shiny new tricycle. It was the same brand as the one he had previously, only this one was silver. He effortlessly glided down the street and back, looking for all the world right at home on three wheels and a basket.

“The outpouring of love from our community was no surprise to me,” Coffey said. “I’ve seen it firsthand before. When someone is in need, Sapulpa people step up without hesitation. We have a terrific community that always comes together!”