A misunderstanding at Sapulpa Walgreens leads to evacuation



What was suspected to be a dangerous situation involving gasoline in some sort of canister wrapped in wires at a local Walgreens turned out to be nothing more than a misunderstanding.

Shortly after 7:30 p.m., Saturday, August 24th, Sapulpa Police were called to the Walgreens at Taft and Main. Employees told police a man walked into the store carrying a pneumatic canister, like the kind used at the drive-through at banks. The canister reportedly had wires coming out of it.

The unknown subject then went into the bathroom and came out with paper towels wrapped around the plastic cylinder. At that point, employees smelled a strong odor of gasoline and called Police. When police and fire departments arrived, they evacuated the store.

A subsequent investigation by Sapulpa PD and Sapulpa firefighters led them to the north end of the Warrior Car Wash where they found a puddle of gasoline. According to information obtained by officers, a man was working on his car at the car wash and apparently had a car part in the cannister and washed it in the Walgreens restroom. Thankfully, this was simply a misunderstanding and not an actual threat.

The evacuation was suspended at about 8:15 pm and customers were allowed to return to the store.


Charles Betzler

Long-time Sapulpa resident, Charles Betzler, followed his father, Charlie, into the radio and TV repair business. At age 9, he fixed his first broken radio and his first love is vintage audio equipment. In his 50 + years of technical work, graduation from OSUIT, and years of Continuing Education, Charles, in his capacity as Emergency Management Director of nearby city, designed the Emergency Operations Center, and the radio-activation system for the sirens. In his long career, he has repaired every type of consumer electronics from black-and-white TVs to the latest lap-top.

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