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A family affair: Creek County Sheriffs arrest couple in connection with March rape case

Affidavits say the woman used her 15-year-old sister to determine if her boyfriend would cheat on her…resulting in the sister getting raped.

A young man, his girlfriend, her 15-year-old sister, and a couple of friends, all had stories to tell about events that allegedly took place in the parking lot of Freddie’s in Mannford (Creek County) in March of 2018. Versions of events started to unwind when the minor’s mother took her to St. Francis in Tulsa for a SANE ( Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) interview and invasive examination. ER personnel called the police. The mother stated that she had found out about the alleged rape on March 3, 2018.

The SANE exam was done in the early morning of March 4 and a follow-up exam on March 5th. In the exam report, the suspect was identified as Garrick Evan Reid of Mustang, the 18-year-old boyfriend of the victim’s sister, Katlee Ashton Townsend of Oklahoma City, age 21, (another suspect). The victim stated in the SANE exam, that at her sister’s urging, she texted Reid a few weeks prior to discuss sexual contact between him and her. The idea was to find out if Reid would cheat on his girlfriend. Her sister, Katlee Townsend, and Garrick Reid both sent her nude photos, and she had sent some back to him.

Reid came to Mannford and was staying in the Lake Shore Motel. The victim allegedly went to Reid’s car to talk to him. While in his car, he put his hand between her legs, unzipped his pants, and made the victim touch his penis. Then he lifted her onto his lap, pulling her shorts to the side, and penetrated her. She was hurt and bleeding, and got off him. He held the door shut, preventing her from getting out of his car. After a few minutes, she saw a friend of hers, CF, she hit Reid, and was able to get away. The minor victim admitted to drinking alcohol.

Another sister, AW, was at the motel with Reid, Townsend, the victim, and a friend, DS. AW said the victim returned to the motel, drunk, high, “bawling,” and changed her clothes. AW went outside to talk to Reid who stated that the victim had tried to have sex with him and he had yelled at her. AW saw blood on the victim’s clothing.
The friend, CF, stated he saw Reid and a female in his car and thought it was Townsend. He saw the victim crying, and heard Reid say that she was upset and had tried to have sex with him.

There are 9 pages of texts in the arrest affidavit, from March through May, stating that Townsend encouraged her sister to have sex with Reid, texted about his sexual prowess, and the victim would get a $120 Vape if she had sex with Reid.

The Sexual Assault Evidence Kit was given to Officer Caudle at the hospital, put into evidence at Mannford PD, and submitted to OSBI Laboratory on March 21, 2018. Some of the findings of the SANE exam included finding a tear in the hymen, a small abrasion, and vaginal tenderness. The victim said that Reid’s penis didn’t “go all the way in,” according to the arrest affidavits of Reid and Townsend.

On May 13, 2018, the OSBI reports showed there was sperm on 3 vaginal swabs, and semen was detected on 1 out of 3 external genitalia swabs. The buccal swabs (from Reid’s mouth) submitted to OSBI were returned and the DNA from the vaginal swabs matched Mr. Reid’s buccal swabs.

The couple was arrested on December 27th, 2018, on a variety of sex-related charges, including 2nd degree rape and showing obscene materials to a minor. When Reid drove away from Mannford PD, he was re-arrested for driving without a license.

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