25 Years of Beauty That Lasts: SeneGence Celebrates Milestone Anniversary Seminar 

Global long-lasting, anti-aging cosmetics and skincare innovator, SeneGence, will host its 25th Anniversary Seminar conference on April 25-28 at the Cox Communications Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The three-day event, expecting approximately one thousand attendees from North America, will mark the largest and most exciting annual gathering for SeneGence, showcasing the successes of its dedicated Distributors and celebrating a quarter-century of SeneGence’s commitment to entrepreneurship and beauty that lasts.  

With this significant 25th Anniversary celebration, SeneGence becomes the 53rd direct sales company in the USA to reach the remarkable milestone of 25 years in business. The anniversary festivities will extend globally, with an additional Seminar taking place in Brisbane, Australia, from April 11-14, catering to Australian and New Zealand Distributors.  

The 25th Anniversary Seminar agenda includes informational training sessions, the launch of innovative new products, recognition ceremonies and appearances from Forbes top 20 speaker Liz Bohannon and members of the SeneGence executive team, among others. SeneGence will also host a private concert featuring an A-list, Grammy award-winning singer, exclusively for Distributors. 


Joni Rogers-Kante, Founder and CEO of SeneGence, expressed her enthusiasm for the milestone event, stating, “Building SeneGence has been my privilege and passion for more than 25 years now. Our journey has been defined by innovation, quality, and the unwavering hard work and support of our dedicated Distributors and customers. As we celebrate this milestone, we reaffirm our commitment to delivering exceptional products and empowering women to choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!” 

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