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Livin’ Green Thrift Store now offering book prices that will appeal to everyone


One of Sapulpa’s most popular thrift stores is about to get even more so.

Livin’ Green Thrift Store, located on 617 N. Mission St, has just released a new system for selling their books that are available outside the front entrance. The catch? It’s based on the honor system.

A bright, and well-written sign hanging on side of the bookshelf states that when the store is open, books are priced .50 a piece.

When they’re closed? Don’t worry about—just take what you need and return it later, or pay them when you can.

Or, if you just can’t afford the 2 quarters for one of the paperbacks, just help yourself.

I caught up with Price Jones—who owns the store with his wife—to ask him what caused this kind-hearted movement toward the bookworms in the area.

“We saw something similar many years back, before we ever had the store,” he said. “But we loved the idea and decided if we ever had a shop we’d do it. Today is the first day we’ve had the shelf up.”

His only regret seemed to be that they hadn’t remembered this idea before now. “We had planned to do it sooner but kept forgetting,” he said. “But better late than never.”

Price Jones, right,  poses with the first "Grown Folk" coloring book going to his very first Kickstarter backer.

Price Jones, right, poses with the first “Grown Folk” coloring book going to his very first Kickstarter backer.

Jones, a local artist who recently made waves late last year with his “Coloring Book for Grown Folk,” has said that the bookshelf isn’t restricted a certain category or author, either. “Just a bit of this and a bit of that.”

He says that the idea behind it is motivated by the desire to see even folks who may be down on their luck financially able to enjoy a good book. “We both enjoy reading and know that lots of others do as well. We figure if you want to read you shouldn’t be prohibited by your empty pockets. We don’t have a lot to give the world but since we have a surplus of books we should share them.”

Livin’ Green is open Monday through Saturday, 10:00am to 6:00pm


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