Freak mowing accident costs 2-year-old her arm, family raising funds for prosthetic

By Micah Choquette September 29, 2020

Read the story about a little girl who lost her hand, the first responders who saved her life, and how you can help this family get help to their little girl.

Marilyn Teegarden

September 25, 2020

Robert Duckert

September 25, 2020

Charles Woodson

September 25, 2020

Emilene Fisher

September 25, 2020

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Football update: Kellyville’s game against Millwood canceled, Sapulpa’s game against Collinsville will be “the one to watch”

By Micah Choquette September 29, 2020

Kellyville gets a week off, and Sapulpa will play the game that could be the turning point of the season on Friday.

Do You Remember the Women’s Rights Movement in the 1960s?

By Charles Betzler September 28, 2020

The 1960s was a decade of radical transformation for the role of women in the United States as more women were entering the workforce and becoming dissatisfied with disparities in pay and advancement, coupled with the frequent problem of harassment.

Real ID Act blamed for Tag Agency delays

By Charles Betzler September 28, 2020

“It’s the process of that system, putting everything in and going through all the motions we go through now, that we didn’t have to before Real ID,”

Local Sapulpa fabric shop Quilt Styles vandalized and burglarized overnight

By Micah Choquette September 9, 2020

Kathy Jacobs arrived to her fabric store on Wednesday morning to a shocking sight: someone had taken a rock about the size of a bowling ball and hurled it through her door.

“You are violating the law:” Kellyville’s City Attorney admonishes Town Trustee

By Micah Choquette September 9, 2020

“That statute lays out the limits of your authority. Ordering the city employees around is not a part of it.”

A new Series: Do You Remember The Sixties?

By Charles Betzler September 8, 2020

It’s been said that “if you remember the sixties, you weren’t really there.” I must respectfully disagree. Introducing a new series about a decade that no one in our country should every forget about.

Dancing Skeleton Meadery to debut at the Route 66 Blowout

By Submitted September 8, 2020

Honey wine—known as mead—is the fastest-growing segment of it’s kind in North America, and Dancing Skeleton is only the second mead producer in the state.

CREOKS among those providing critical mental health services in Sapulpa

By E. B. Thompson September 8, 2020

Local healthcare provider CREOKS seeks to fill the gap for Oklahomans with mental health issues who, for various reasons, are not able to use traditional healthcare providers.

health workers wearing face mask

Masks are shown to reduce the severity of COVID-19 when contracted

By Charles Betzler September 8, 2020

Recent studies have shown that even if the mask does not block all the COVID-19 particles, the wearer has a dramatically decreased chance of becoming severely ill.

Friday Night Football: Kellyville Vs. Kiefer

By Micah Choquette September 4, 2020

Watch the Kellyville vs Kiefer game live, right here!

selective focus photography of a mailbox

From the American Revolution to now: the history of the Post Office

By Charles Betzler September 3, 2020

Historians say the advent of the Post Office led to increase economic growth because more of us learned to read. But how did it get started? And how did it get to the state it’s in today?

Abbott introduces an inexpensive, accurate 15-minute COVID-19 test

By Charles Betzler September 3, 2020

This simple, inexpensive, accurate test will help to eliminate testing delays. Unlike other COVID-19 diagnostics, it requires no special equipment.

Explaining the restructuring of the fishing permit fees for Sahoma and Pretty Water Lakes

By Charles Betzler September 3, 2020

Three separate permits will no longer be required to fish at Lake Sahoma and Pretty Water Lake.