May is a great month to do some stargazing

By Charles Betzler May 4, 2020

The Month of May affords stargazers multiple opportunities to watch amazing celestial events.

Sapulpa Aquatic Center closed for the 2020 season

By Micah Choquette May 4, 2020

Learn why they decided to close the pool this summer, and when you can expect to see other facilities begin to reopen.

Who’s Essential?

By Lottie Wilds May 4, 2020

Work, or having a job, has become the definition of who a person is–his or her “essence.” It is not so, is it? Aren’t you and I also children, parents, lovers, friends, participants or appreciators of art and music, sightseers, storytellers, and more? Essence does not include a paycheck.

How to spot fake news

By Charles Betzler May 4, 2020

What began as a hot-button issue in 2016 has exploded during the Coronavirus pandemic. Here’s how to identify and help put a stop to spreading fake news.

Legislature reaches Fiscal Year 2021 budget agreement

By Community Submission May 4, 2020

Under the agreement, most of the $1.4 billion, or 17%, revenue hole Gov. Kevin Stitt projected last month is filled by using reserve funds, cutting one-time spending, temporarily redirecting non-appropriated money into the budget, and agency appropriation reductions of 4% or less in most cases.

Oklahoma crosses 4,000 cases of COVID-19, no new deaths since Saturday

By Micah Choquette May 4, 2020

According to data from the Oklahoma State Health Department, of the 3,972 cases reported on 05/03/2020, 2,635 have been listed as “recovered.”

Nerd Knowledge: What is Critical Thinking?

By Charles Betzler April 29, 2020

Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally about what to do or what to believe.

Detention Officer at Creek County Justice Center arrested after “intimate contact” with an inmate

By Micah Choquette April 29, 2020

The defendant disappeared into a supply closet with an inmate, where a witness later found them kissing.

Bond updates, budgets, and city employee performance evaluations key topics at Administration and Finance Committee Meeting

By E. B. Thompson April 29, 2020

The plan to put the stoplight at Hwy 117 and 49th W. Ave is now underway. Meanwhile, the city is looking at how to cope with an upcoming fiscal year that is expected to have budget constraints.

Bring it back to the USA

By Charles Betzler April 29, 2020

A resurgence on “buying American” seems imminent, but American businesses and consumers have a big role to play if it’s to be a reality.

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