Freak mowing accident costs 2-year-old her arm, family raising funds for prosthetic

By Micah Choquette September 29, 2020

Read the story about a little girl who lost her hand, the first responders who saved her life, and how you can help this family get help to their little girl.

Marilyn Teegarden

September 25, 2020

Robert Duckert

September 25, 2020

Charles Woodson

September 25, 2020

Emilene Fisher

September 25, 2020

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Football update: Kellyville’s game against Millwood canceled, Sapulpa’s game against Collinsville will be “the one to watch”

By Micah Choquette September 29, 2020

Kellyville gets a week off, and Sapulpa will play the game that could be the turning point of the season on Friday.

Do You Remember the Women’s Rights Movement in the 1960s?

By Charles Betzler September 28, 2020

The 1960s was a decade of radical transformation for the role of women in the United States as more women were entering the workforce and becoming dissatisfied with disparities in pay and advancement, coupled with the frequent problem of harassment.

Real ID Act blamed for Tag Agency delays

By Charles Betzler September 28, 2020

“It’s the process of that system, putting everything in and going through all the motions we go through now, that we didn’t have to before Real ID,”

Sapulpa Community Theatre announces the cancellation of the remainder of the 2020 season

By Micah Choquette September 23, 2020

The cancellation means there will be no showing of “The Importance of Being Uncle Roscoe” this December.

The iconic Box Car BBQ building might become a dispensary soon

By Micah Choquette September 23, 2020

The building was one of three locations approved for medical marijuana facilities at Tuesday’s Planning Commission meeting.

Meet the artist who produces very detailed and historically accurate dioramas of Route 66

By Micah Choquette September 22, 2020

Victoria and her designs made a splash at the Route 66 Blowout.

Sapulpa Schools will no longer penalize students who fail a drug test but have a medical marijuana card

By E. B. Thompson September 22, 2020

To be clear, it is still against school policy for any student to use, sell, be under the influence of, or be in possession of marijuana on school premises or at school-related activities.

Roughly 25% of Sapulpa Public Schools students are virtual

By E. B. Thompson September 22, 2020

Assistant Superintendent says Sapulpa Schools is “light years ahead” on virtual learning.

Meet the 18-year-old traveling the mother road on his bicycle

By Micah Choquette September 22, 2020

As COVID-19 swept the nation, many found themselves in the same predicament 18-year-old Carter Newcomb did: stuck at home and bored out of their skull.

Disorganized immune response may be responsible for disparity in severity of COVID-19

By Charles Betzler September 22, 2020

This response may explain why COVID-19 strikes some people hard, especially the elderly.

State drug agents invade illegal marijuana operation in Creek County, find 1,000 plants on several acres

By Micah Choquette September 21, 2020

OBN says agents developed information from a tip and located an illegal marijuana-growing campsite near Depew, Oklahoma.

Warehouse Market Becomes Price Mart Discount Foods

By Charles Betzler September 21, 2020

The store has new lighting, new coolers and freezers, new shelving, and a completely different store layout. The store also has a new name, Price Mart Discount Foods.

Rock Creek Festival Saturday, Sept. 26

By Submitted September 21, 2020

The Fourth Annual Rock Creek Festival will feature three local bands, regional wineries and breweries, artist booths and food trucks.